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Our Guarantee

Our products are guaranteed to safely outperform the competition

What does this guarantee mean?
• FOR THE DISTRIBUTOR - it means we stand totally behind our products. There is no stronger guarantee in Consumer Electronics.
• FOR THE CONSUMER - it is a powerful assurance that they can not make a bad buying decision. TRACKMATE™ costs more but it “works“. TRACKMATE™ does what you bought it to do).
• FOR THE RETAILER - it is a powerful assurance that they are selling the very best, from the only company in the world that can afford to make such a guarantee.
• FOR THE COMPETITOR - it puts them on clear notice to take a “back seat” position or challenge us.

If you can find a cleaner that will safely clean your equipment better than Trackmate™, we will buy it for you. Send us the name, model number, and proof of purchase of both cleaners, and an explanation of why you believe one product is better than the other. If your claim is substantiated we will send you a check for the cost of whichever cleaner was more expensive. Note: Many cleaning devices are known to be less effective (they contact a smaller area for cleaning) or are less safe.


World Leader in CE Cleaning Technology.