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Dirt is not high tech, but it can greatly affect the enjoyment and longevity of your expensive collection of recordings and the high tech equipment that reproduces the recording. What you see and hear from your DVD, CD, video and audio tape, vinyl LP’s and Games are all compromised by dirt. The goal of a cleaner must be to protect your valuable recordings and equipment and extend their useful life.

• FACT 1: Dirt, DOES NOT remain where something is wiping the surface it is on. Rather, dirt collects just outside the surface being wiped and in the gaps and grooves in that surface. For example, think of the windshield wiper on your car or the crack’s in your floor. This LOGIC is common sense. 

• FACT 2: Cleaning the recording requires that you clean the surface of the lens in a DVD, CD or GAME, above and below the surface wiped by the video or audio tape, deep into the grooves of a vinyl LP, and into the microscopic surface structure of a screen or lens. This is the LOGICAL way to CLEAN.

• FACT 3: Most consumer electronic cleaning products look like tapes, DVD’s, cleaning cloths and cleaning liquids. Many even play a recording to tell you that they are cleaning. Most consumer electronic cleaning products are not engineered to reach where the dirt is and clean the microscopic grooves and gaps where dirt hides.

• FACT 4: Only CLEAN LOGIC uniquely engineers each product to clean your equipment and recordings. Only CLEAN LOGIC uses patented brushes instead of tapes to reach beyond the surface wiped by the recording and into the grooves and gaps where dirt hides. Only CLEAN LOGIC uses cleaning liquids chemically engineered to deep clean the microscopic surface texture of screens and lenses.


5 logical reasons to clean with CleanLogic

Unique HyperBRUSH™ Technology:

HyperBRUSHcan reach the surfaces where dirt collects (areas missed by other cleaners). Highly absorbent form-fitting brushes are ideally suited to clean the irregular surfaces and grooves in consumer electronic equipment.

Award Winning Technology

HyperBRUSHproducts have been honoured with the industry's most prestigious international awards.

Performance Guarantee

HyperBRUSH™  technology is guaranteed to safely outperform all other cleaners. This is the world’s only consumer performance guarantee.

Environmentally Friendly

MicroCLEANc leaning solution is effective, non-flammable, and non-toxic. Our engineering and manufacturing minimizes the use of raw materials and maximizes recycling.


CLEAN LOGIC does what you bought it to do - it’s GUARANTEED.


You are invited to review each product section to see how our unique technology and commitment to excellence applies to your tape and disc recordings, equipment, screens and lenses.


World Leader in CE Cleaning Technology.