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Clean Logic Technology ltd. (CLT), of Tralee, Ireland, was founded in 1985 for the sole purpose of developing, manufacturing, and distributing a comprehensive range of high quality, technically superior Audio / Video / Optical / Computer care products. These unique products are protected under multiple international patents. They are available under the CleanLOGIC™, TRACKMATE™, and selected OEM brand names.

The goal was the development of a line of products that truly cleaned the critical components of your audio / video / optical / computer system and addressed the many shortfalls of the traditional “cleaning” products currently on the market. Several years of extensive research and consultation with experts around the world resulted in HyperBRUSH™, and a revolutionary range of cleaning products based on high technology absorbent, form fitting brushes.

All product development is done by the CleanLOGIC™ research and development team in coordination with major brand electronic equipment manufacturers around the world. All production and packaging is performed internally by CleanLOGIC™ which results in a focused, responsive organization determined and able to meet the needs of its customers and the market place.

With sales offices in Europe and the North America, CleanLOGIC™ has become the recognized technical leader, and a formidable brand leader, around the world.

The entire CleanLOGIC™ team look forward to the opportunity to share the excitement and benefits that this exciting line of products has to offer!

We look forward to the opportunity to work together.


World Leader in CE Cleaning Technology.